Delicious ‘No-Sugar’ Dessert – Lemon Mousse

​Lemon Mousse – Mousse de limon 

Any meal is incomplete without a dessert. All that is sweet comes with a high-calorie count as well. So, how about a dessert that gives a stirring sweetness and is made with ‘NO-SUGAR’. Here at Foodieekitchen, this recipe is a treat for those who love sweets (we all do, unless a zombie!) and also want to maintain the ‘healthy’ quotient. 

So quickly coming down to the recipe;


1. Yogurt  – 500 Gm 

2. Lemon Zest   – 3 (Lemons)

3. Lemon Juice  – 3 Tbsp 

4. Condensed Milk  – 250 Gm 

5. Fresh Cream  – 400 Gm/ Half a Litre


• To start with, take a big steel bowl and add yoghurt, condensed milk, lemon zest, lemon juice and mix all of them together, make sure no lumps are there or left.

• After mixing well, take fresh cream in another bowl and with a whisker or manually, whisk it well until it rises. Now, once you can see it has risen, gradually add the yoghurt mixture in it and incorporate it into the fresh cream (without losing the air created in the cream).

• After a proper mix, refrigerate the mixture for nothing less than 3 hours to have the right texture.

Special Tip –  After refrigerating, you might get some water collected at the bottom. Avoid the panic and mix it well before serving. 

• And your healthy dessert is ready to be served. Lemon mousse will taste fresh and stay intact for a week if stored in a cool place. Now let your taste buds enjoy this wonderful dessert after each meal.

A quick and healthy stir for your taste buds! Enjoy! At Foodieekitchen, we assure you tasty and healthy version of a great assortment of cuisines and dishes. Bon Apetite!


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